Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Notes from Housewives of ATL

Ohhhh. Where do i begin. Sweet lord jesus,

above is the clip of hopefully the upcoming show on cable. i know its wrong and we all got a lot of blessings and semi peaceful riots this past month, but please lord please.

i don't have any clips, just run wild with your imagination.
below are my notes for the reunion of Housewives of ATL
  • the host came out his mouth. but for his sake, he acts likes that alot. he is not slow. thats part of his act. like a straight gilbert godfred/gay/straight garry oldman
  • i like nene's boobs
  • kim was at chillis waiting for cancer results?? was it in a mall or a plaza?
  • black community? whats that? oh yeah i forgot we all meet for the Harriett Tubman Phyliss birthday gala bonquiet party at the YWCA at the black town hall for the "information" meetings at 4 ( 9pm CPT time) JAM JAM!!!!!!!!!!!*************
  • did i spell her name right?
  • no, but did i, lisa?************
  • somebodies slow on that show
  • flarage of nostrils anyone?***
***flarage of nostrils does not depend on a wide or narrow nose. IT EXISTS IN EVERY RACE. We must all do our part.
**********i'll see you at 9

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