Monday, March 2, 2009


full recap coming soon,

top 10 highlights thus far in no particular order

1. jooles the bartender at yoyo
2 yahooda joining razorlight
3. wagamama
4. sleeping til 7 pm in the countryside
5. rusko at fabric at 5am on friday
6. peggy
7. diane giving tiombe bomb luella shoes to wear, skully booking us amazing shows, sleeping out in the country, moist brownies, green curry, garlic, salmon, ignacio the little hipster bartender at the local pub...
8. british museum
9. paul the indian dude that gave us a hotel after walking around for 3 hours.. almost either slept on the street or the tube.
10. afrikan boy


11. 3.95 veggie indian buffet in angel
12 east enders

bonus wackness

camden street chinese food.

dont forget to check out the mixtape in the post below.. pass it to a friend. all that good stuff.

hope is well, more to come soon


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