Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Yo. We decided to do a Top Five Tuesdays. Tuesdays are generally worse than Mondays, you seem even further from Friday. So why not entertain each other. Every Tuesday we're gonna show love to someone in our extended fam to speak on whatever the fuck they want. You don't gotta sing or rap or even be a spoken word artist. Email us at: cubiczirconiaband@gmail.com
First up:


5 Top Things I Hate About Sex

1. Penis burn from heavy petting. (Ouch!!!!)
2. Quickies in the summertime. (Pubic hair kinda smells like an old mop.)
3. Quiet Bitchez!!!!!!!! (Ahhhhhh.....I'm working hard over here.)
4. The sound of her voice afterwards. (Can I hang myself now.)
5. Mercy sex. (I feel lame doing it but fuck it!!!!!!! It's still ass.)

I met Waajeed waaay back in the day at a SV concert. My homegirl, who I later found out was a groupie ho slut, introduced us. We argued about falafels (black hippies) and horoscopes (specifically cancer males, whateves i was scorned). Couple months later he hit me up to work on some project called PPP. I loved Waajeed's stuff, but I was having a moments in my life and didn't wanna write AT ALL. But that nigga sent me a check, so hey. We worked together on Platinum Pied Piper's Album "Triple P" and toured. We've had our moments and I'm sure he thinks I'm a juuuust a lil off, but I love Jeed like a brother and absolutely credit Jeed for getting this tired ho back in the game.

Those that don't know. Waajeed's done all types of production for Slum Village, Coultrain, Havana, DJ Center & scoring for Chris Rock & Nelson George's Good Hair movie. Check for Funkin For Jamica/Jeedo Suave 12" next month on Jazzy Sport.




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shayboogie said...

In response to Wajeed's answers...hahaha

1.I believe that is from dry-humping for a long period of time! I'm sure men get sore from all that "foreplay". I say ladies, if you're in a committed relationship...use a man's "member" as your human dildo and rub that ish on you w/o any restrictions (i.e. underwear, pants, etc) Let it breathe freely! hahaha

2. That's why I believe in properly maintaining down there for BOTH parties! Just don't leave a stubble! That's even worse than rug burns! hahaha

3. Hmmmm...I believe that certain moaning and a bit of dirty talk enhances the experience! If not, it'll feel like your having sex with a corpse! Unless you're into that stuff! O_o hahaha

4. What she needs to do afterwards is grab a towel and run it through warm water and clean his "member" of the love juice! He'll thank you for it! ;)

5. Hmmmmmmm...mercy sex is kinda sad. But it's even more sad when a man doesn't give into a woman's advances! I mean, what MAN doesn't like to have sex with a woman who has much more of an appetite as him! Makes a woman feel like a rapist! hahaha Now THAT'S sad! If a man is tired, it's okay...sit back and relax and enjoy the ride! But don't deny your wife/gf of sex! Sheeesh!