Friday, October 23, 2009


Jamire Williams, aka Jams, Freaky Friday Pick

Once again it's on!! So everybody wanna know how Jam's feeling on this FREAKY FRIDAY huh?!?! I said before, it's officially snow bunny season!! No disrespect to my "sistahs" but at a time like this when the weather begins to change and there is a good reason to stay inside and cuddle up with someone nice and respectful...someone who won't give you attitude about why you won't take them out, why you want have sex with them when they got a wrap on they head and no make up on, why you ain't tell them you had three need the black man's NOT chicken...A WHITE GIRL!! With that being said, I'm taking it back to the first time I remember getting what I now know as...aroused!

It was a dreary summer's day in Houston, Tx and my grandmother decided to let me pick a movie to watch. Since I had warped the Coming To America VHS tape, I decided to go with another comedy of sort...Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Ladies and Gentlemen I bring you Jessica Rabbit!! Jessica fu*king Rabbit!!! The OG snow bunny with the name to prove it!! I don't know if I was quite man enough to give her much back then...but today, on this FREAKY FRIDAY, I would give her all this monsters got...all 2 pumps this chump has to offer!!! Somebody animate me please or bring me a cardboard cut out or something...

A moment of silence please for Mrs. Jessica Rabbit
*(no animals or cartoon cut outs were harmed in the making of this post)

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