Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Top 5 Tuesdays (even tho its Wednesday)

Cuz of our show totally spaced yesterday and forgot to post The Goddess Lexo aka Alexis Tricky Travis aka Trixxxxxx Top 5. She's our friend/dancer/and many things. And here it is. Luv u gurl. NEXT TO THE BABY CLOTHES.

1. Well, first I would name him Russel D.Salamander (The Hoe Slammer/Pussy Jammer )

2. Fuck a fat white girl. They call her Fat Back. (seems like it would be a ton of fun)

3. Find a way to impregnate Erykah Badu with her fourth child. Another son. Named eight.

4. Hold an Annual Dick Control Class (a step by step program teaching dudes how to hold their cum until their partners arrive first. Thust removing all signs of bitchassness, improving their sex skills, and stepping their love game from a 2 to a 10. (would make me rich!!) Would also ensure that yo girls, hoes, and wives aren't getting tossed up by your best friends, fathers, neighbors, or ME. Russel D.

5. Take Tiombe out for a dinner with some kale.

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