Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I aplogize for this turning into a youtube blog

please bear with us. we will have alot of good shit coming, flyers, more music, all that stuff. stories about the time i blew up my neighbors mailbox in 4th grade, stealing a car and then crashing it at a church retreat in michigan, taking ecstasy from a stranger once, those are all coming. But right now i must share 2 of my more recent internet favorites.

Also, if you are out there leave us a comment.

This video below contains some explicit cartoon scenes, flashing lights and is FOR OVER 18's ONLY.

Directed by Eric Wareheim (Tim & Eric) in association with Warp Records and Warp Films. Music by Flying Lotus. Co Directed/ Animation by Devin Flynn. Co Directed/ Edited by Eric Fensler. More info at dancefloordale.com

now that you saw that

enjoy this.

i watch both at least 6 times a day.



ChocLitLuvJoi said...

LOL. Thanks for the random pornographic, animated hilarity!

Anonymous said...

I could sense immediately upon starting the video that woman was a bonafide freakazoid. This video is strange, but you know what? I might watch it 5 more times today.