Thursday, December 4, 2008



adj. blank·er, blank·est
a. Devoid of writing, images, or marks
b. Containing no information; unrecorded or erased
2. Not completed or filled in
3. Not having received final processing; unfinished
Example: My homegirl from Houston that I'm not gonna name, but you know who you are. Remember that car ride you took and you didn't know if you were gonna make it home? What do you see in his eyes girl? Nothing right. That shit was BLANK, right? That's what we call prison eyes, boo boo. That's what we call prison eyes.
  • CRAZY EYES I think 35% of bitches* have this one. You may think that's a low number, but not so much. I personally think it's 90%, but bitches are good with covering up their eyes with devil paint. Men oft times have this trait, but its not thaaat scary for the girls that like his crazy ass. LADIES crazy eyes do not equal bedroom eyes. Aww, fuck it we all know they do.
  • WILD EYES This really just happens when you're drunk. It can happen to anyone who drinks 2 bottles of wine and 6 jamesons. It's only scary when you smile AND have wild eyes. Cuz at that point NOBODIES laughing, only crying. This means you left the group and did some of that stuff. This leads us right on too.....
  • PRISON EYES This is never any good. Women don't have it so much. Only women that have been to PRISON. But most women are in there for being drug mules. Ummm. Not really but I like the idea. Men prison eyes however, that's a whole nother story. Every bitch knows they've seen that shit on the subway or sometimes when you fuck up and take him to dinner with your friends. He is beyond giving a FUCK. He is trying to crush, kill, destroy stress your body OUT. Looking right straight through you all the while. Here's a good example of prison eyes. I will never think of desiressss the same way, nor booty unless we're talking of pirates. Speaking of pirates. What the fuck is going on there.
* All women are bitches. It's nothing bad. I don't think. I'm still waiting on my how to self esteem tape from '88.



Jackie O. said...

TT how do you find this sh*t?! I can't believe that was on network tv. That was really scary. No prison eyes . . .

nick hook said...

tt is like the sherlock holmes of the internet.

ChocLitLuvJoi said...


Anonymous said...

Your description of eyes is...well..hilarious.

wait...are guys allowed to laugh at this stuff?