Monday, October 5, 2009

The Elegant, Beautiful, and Professional Adventures of Cubic Zirconia


First up is:
Ready To Slide
A free promotional sex tape. Well, EP. And I don't mean Enlarged Pu**y. I mean a short baby album. And no i don't mean short term relationship with a man thats turned into your son.

1. Make Her Say (Cubic Zirconia Remix): This is our take on Kid Cudi's "Make Her Say" which is his take on Lady Gaga's "Poker Face". My face hurts. Too much poking.

2. Freebase Kool Hersh Blend: Hersh took our song "Freebase" that was already nasty and mashed it up with Joker's "Digidesign" and shit got nastier. Its sexy but scary, cuz my vocals are screwed. Its like you're in the Twin Peaks club, One Eyed Jacks, and Joker's beat is playing in the background and a woman who sounds like a man in a red dress is singing in your ear. Trannie? More like trannie perfection!

3. "D.F.A.D" a.k.a Dick For A Day: One day while walking the streets of the East Village, my dear friend Amy and I discussed the idea every woman has had; what if I had for a dick for a day? Bitches don't front. I told Nick of this thought and he replied, "Can you say 'I'd spray it round like a motherfucker A K?' ". #646th reason why Nick is my dear friend andmusic partner. So, I marched my trifflant ass over the bridge and wrote dick. He threw in Art of Noise and there you have it or don't.

4. Cubic Zirconia - Fuck Work (Michael Meds Remix): This remix reminds me of a Twin Peaks rave and the ecstasy FINALLY starts to hit and you don't know where your boyfriend is. But the laughs round 3:59 is my fav. It sounds like the laughter of the bitch that pussy whipped your brother. I act all of this characters out alone at my dance parties at 2 pm. Call me.

5. Apsci Under Control RMX: - We collaborated with ApSci on a couple of projects. First off I have to say I love love them and reeeeally love Dana. We spent a good 8 mins on g chat discussing what me and Katt William's children would be like. Funny or short or both or maybe neither. We did a hardcore remix for they're song "Under Control". Umm...using Sammy Siegler. That shouldn't be allowed.We also worked with them on our upcoming single for Josephine. They are ill directors.

Here's the original song and their video they, of course, directed

6. Fuck Work Mr. Hook Gone Wild: I have dance parties, but Nick has vocal R&B parties/ performances in his bedroom. My favorite song of the year. Hands down. Done.

I promise to post more, but for now I'm off for the city. Maggie feed me!

***Cubic Zirconia is a NOT a free sex organization. We require money.***


Saskwatch said...

Dare I ask, how does one procure the mythical EP (preferably with out the sliding "peni" in Tims and Crocs)?

Saskwatch said...

Never you mind. My awesomeness has allowed me to find said link, and I was not attacked by walking -er-uh sliding penis. Thanks.