Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Jimmy Helvin's Top 5 for Tuesday!
Jimmy makes all of my dresses and is my dear friend. Here is his top 5.

1. Jean print leggings.
The perfect recession friendly fall denim. Available for $4.00 at the 99 cents store on Grand Street and Graham avenue in Brooklyn. Don't knock em til you try them. The 99 cent variety have higher quality prints than the ones at Strawberry and are $5 dollars cheaper!

2. Leopard Print Stretch Velvet
Straight from the upcoming "Josephine" video. I whipped up a number for the LePore shortly after. Catch the matching opera length gloves from LaCrasia (Thanks John!).

3. Animal Hair Hats
From Japanese artist Nagi Noda of Hanpanda fame.

4. Billy Beyond Eyewear
Frameless and 100% UVA and UVB protective. Each piece signed by the artist. Email auntalice@gmail.com for details.

5. Leoncie
"Spectacular Leoncie is the Instrumentalist of all her songs. She spends hundreds of hours perfecting her music,u ntil every song has been thoroughly improved and polished repeatedly before recording her songs in professional recording studios, anywhere in the world, and after she has arranged every minute detail, to perfection, Leoncie produces and performs all her music, in the recording studio with such artistic, impressive ease that she finishes recording 2 songs within 3 hours, like the professional she is."
Get into it!

Contact Jimmy Helvin: jimmyhelvin@gmail.com

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